Kings County Regional Emergency Management Organization

Atlantic Hurricane Season

Jun 1 - Nov 30

Be Hurricane Aware - Be Hurricane Prepared

Know the Risks:

Make a Plan:

Get a Kit:

Stay Informed:

The 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season is forecast to be ‘Above-Normal’. 

  • Named Storms          17-25    (average 14)
  • Hurricanes                 8-13      (average 7)
  • Major Hurricanes      5-7        (average 3)

The Kings County Regional Emergency Management Organization (Kings REMO) is responsible for providing a prompt and coordinated response to emergencies that occur within its jurisdiction.

The information on this website is provided to assist residents in understanding, planning for, and responding to a variety of risks and hazards in their homes, their community and in the province.

While weather events are the most commonly considered hazards in the Kings County area, man made technical hazards are also possible, and should be considered in plans for individual, family, and public safety.

Kings County, NS

Kings REMO Emergency Email Notification System
Are you interested in receiving "Emergency Email Notifications" in advance of emergencies (Hurricanes, Blizzards, Flooding, Evacuation, etc.) that may impact Kings County and the surrounding area?

The Kings County Regional Emergency Management Coordinator (REMC) will send out an email to all those that are registered. To register, simply send an email to the following email address: and request that your email address be added to the distribution list for future Emergency Email Notifications. Note that all emails are sent to subscribers as ‘bcc’ so that your email address will not be shared with other subscribers.