Kings County Regional Emergency Management Organization


Kings Regional EM Advisory Committee (REMAC)
Reference: 2024-01-15 REMAC Terms of Reference

Under Section 10(1)(d) of the Nova Scotia Emergency Management Act, municipalities are required to "appoint a committee consisting of members of the municipal council to advise it on the development of emergency management plans".


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the executive direction and management of emergency activities during a State of Local Emergency;
  • If required, renew the State of Local Emergency declaration every seven (7) days;
  • Exercise all powers necessary as conferred by the Provincial Emergency Management Act once a declaration has been made;
  • Authorize the expenditure of municipal funds;
  • Advise and continually update Municipal Councils on the current emergency situation;
  • When safe and appropriate, visit the emergency site(s);
  • When and if required, and in conjunction with the Public Information Officer, brief the media;
  • When and if necessary, through the Public Information Officer, inform the public of significant developments occurring;
  • Ensure that appropriate information is passed to provincial authorities; and
  • Provide oversight of the Regional Emergency Management Work Plan.

Kings Regional EM Planning Committee (REMPC)
Reference: 2018-03-28 REMPC Terms of Reference

The role of the Regional Emergency Management Planning Committee is to:

  • provide interactive communication to and from the citizens of Kings County and affected parties with municipal staff on matters of Emergency Management;
  • promote education, integration and training as necessary; and
  • when needed, include measures to enhance personal preparedness and business continuity and to advise Council on matters as they pertain to or affect Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Management issues.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Contribute to the identification of risks arising from emergencies in Kings County;
  • Provide information and expertise relating to the occurrence and mitigation of potential emergencies and the impact of emergencies in Kings County;
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of the Regional Emergency Management Plan (REMP) through monitoring, review and development. (Coordinated by the County of Kings Regional Emergency Management Coordinator);
  • As required, participate in functional sub-Committees and Working Groups to plan for specific emergencies, address issues, and develop and implement projects;
  • Support the development of Plans to address emergencies based on existing, and new and emerging hazards;
  • Contribute to testing components of the REMP through the development and participation in emergency exercises; and
  • Advise the Regional Emergency Management Advisory Committee (REMAC) on development of Regional Emergency Management Plans

The Committee consists of the following representatives from Kings County:

  • Regional Emergency Management Coordinator (REMC) - Chair
  • Municipal EMO Liaisons
  • Finance & Corporate Services
  • Engineering
  • Community Planning
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Fire Service
  • Police Service
  • Emergency Social Services
  • Health Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Annapolis Valley Regional School Board
  • Amateur Radio Group
  • Ground Search and Rescue

Representatives from other organizations or agencies who may become committee members or attend specific meetings include:

  • Provincial agencies
  • Utilities
  • Community Groups
  • Volunteer Organizations
  • Neighbouring jurisdictions
  • Business and Industry
  • Mutual aid partners